Key Reports

As part of our work we publish reports and briefing paper to our Executive Member. These reports are used to support decision making.

The Roads Asset Management Strategy
The Road Asset Management Strategy (RAMS) provides a commitment to achieving benefits in the management of Blackpool’s highway network that can be delivered through asset management, and describes the principles that it is proposed to adopt in applying asset management to help achieve the authority’s strategic objectives.
Blackpool RAMS – Executive Summary
Blackpool RAMS – Part 1 Introduction
Blackpool RAMS – Part 2 Policy
Blackpool RAMS – Part 3 Core Strategy
Blackpool RAMS – Part 4 Asset Investment Strategies
Blackpool RAMS – Part 5 Prioritisation Framework

The Highway Asset Management Plan 2009.
The report outlines progress in producing a Highways Asset Management Plan for the borough and asks members to consider the future strategy for managing the highways asset, and some immediate measures designed to deal with the worst effects of a hard winter.
The Highways Asset Management Plan 2009

Project 30 Decision Notice
To consider a long term investment proposal designed to renew and repair substantial areas of the carriageways and footways of the towns highway network, bringing the overall condition of the network up to a standard where
its condition overall can be maintained in a “steady state” and removing the substantial current maintenance backlog.
Project 30 Decision Notice

Project 30 Year End Report
This report is a report of the year end activity associated with Project 30.
Project 30 Annual Report 2012